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ROSS NZ - HEADSCARF with Possum Fur trim


Glamor & Practicality!

Our NEW Design ROSS NZ Headscarf/Stole.

This is a Wider version of our Original Possum/Merino Knit Headscarf with Possum Fur Trim.

This can be worn many ways; As a wrap around Headscarf, Shoulder Stole, Wrap Scarf.....Wear it your way!


Scarf : 30% Possum fibre, 60% Merino, 10% Silk.

Trim : NZ Possum fur.

Size : Length:185cm, Width:37cm, Fringe:10cm, Possum Fur trim length: 69cm

Two Colour choices:

Golden Sand -  colour Possum/Merino/Silk Knit Scarf  with NZPossum  Fur Trim in Natural Brown 

Smoke Green -  colour Possum/Merino/Silk Knit Scarf with NZPossum Fur Trim in Natural Brown

ASK  us about other alternative colours for the  Possum Fur Trim as we may be able to make  to order your choice of colour for Trim.




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