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Possum/Merino Fisher-rib Jumper


Product Description:

Crew neck in Classic 'Fisher-rib knit'. 

This is a durable wear anytime jumper. 

30% Possum tail fur, 60% Merino, 10% Nylon.


              CHARCOAL (Dark Blue/Black) - Sizes: SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE

              DENIM   -  Sizes ONLY  Currently available in  LARGE

  (Please refer to Size Chart for detail information.)

This garment is designed in New Zealand and manufactured from a blend of Brushtail Possum tail fur, finest Merino wool and Nylon.

Possum People is the only manufacturer of possum tail fur jersey. Tail fur is stronger than body fur and that is why we use them into our Men's jersey collection. So that the jersey will keep a better shape.

We select the most popular colours, natural and denim, to make them suitable for every occasion. The fisher-rib detail gives the garment a casual and relax look that suits everyday wear.


Gently hand wash. Suitable to was in Modern Machines on Wool Cycle.

To keep the shape, please lay the garment flat to dry.


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