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Established  1969  

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Men's Possum Tail Fur Merino Jacket

$310.00 $340.00

Product Description:

30% Possum tail fur, 60% Merino, 10% Nylon

Colors: Denim or  Charcoal



(Please refer to Size Chart for detail information.)

This garment is designed in New Zealand and manufactured from a blend of Brushtail Possum tail fur, finest Merino wool and Nylon.

Possum People have created exclusivelyworldwide this range using the fur fibre's from the tails of the possum. It takes 120 hand plucked tail's to produce one kilo of fur fibre.

The garments you will note are knitted so they will not go out of shape, we instructed our knitter to create the garments with a close knit stitch using more yarn to ensure this high quality finish.

They are lightweight and warm, tests have shown that by adding possum fur to wool they are at least 30 % warmer than a traditional wool only garment. 

These garments are machine washable on a wool cycle, do not put in dryer, dry flat.

Care:  Gently hand wash. To keep the shape, please lay the garment flat to dry.


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